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Originator - Plant Production Institute nd. a V.Ya. Yuryev of NAAS.

It has been entered in the Plant Variety Register of Ukraine for growing in steppe zone of Ukraine since 2002.

Varietal characters: Variety – hordeiforme. Red awned cylindrical glabrous ear, 5-7 cm long. Medium ear density. Amber grain. Mass of 1,000 seeds is 38-43 g.  Medium lancet-shaped oval glume. Venation is feebly marked. Short pointed tooth. Narrow elevated shoulder. Considerably expressed  keel. 

Biologicalfeatures: Theheightofplantis 80-110 cm. Growing season – 80-95 days. Medium lodging resistance. Easily thrashed grain. Loose smut resistance and brown rust resistance are higher than those in the standard. Powdery mildew resistance, covered smut resistance and resistance to Oscinella are on the standard level.  High drought resistance.

Economic features: The sort is characterized by high plasticity. The potential yield capacity is 4.7 t/ha. Macaroni qualities are good. According to the data of Grain Quality Laboratory of the institute, when the yield capacity is 3.1 t/ha, the gluten content is 33-37 %, the protein content is 14.0-17.2 %. Grain has high hardness, which makes it irreplaceable for wheat groat production.

Agrotechnical requirements: Seeding rate is 5.0 mln of germinable seeds per hectare.  Since the sort does not form a shrub, adhearance to the optimal seeding rate is an indispensable condition for formation of the optimal density of productive haulm stand. Prior to sowing seeds should be dressed with a fungicide and an insecticide.

Author's certificate No 1689. Registrationnumber  04621, 01.01.2002. Patent No 0613.

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