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Originator - Plant Production Institute nd. a V.Ya. Yuryev of NAAS.

It has been entered in the Plant Variety Register of Ukraine for growing in steppe zone of Ukraine since 2006.

Varietal characters: Variety – leucurum. White awned glabrous cylindrical ear, 6-8 cm long on average. Medium ear density. Ear does not shed its grain. Nonshattering ear. Medium lodging. Awns are white, long, parallel, coarse, barbed. Caryopsis is medium, amber, half elongated. Medium crease. Medium phenol staining. Mass of 1,000 seeds amounts to 45 g.  Medium lancet-shaped glume. Venation is feebly marked. Short pointed tooth. Narrow sloping shoulder. Keel is beak-like, considerably expressed. Upright bush. Strong filled culm.

Biological features: This sort is characterized by a considerable drought resistance and a high potential crop-producing power.  It is a mid-season variety.  Growing season – 101 days. Medium lodging resistance. Theheightofplantis 95-100 cm. Easily thrashed grain. Brown rust resistance and powdery mildew resistance are on the standard level. Loose smut resistance and covered smut resistance are higher than those in the standard.

Economic features: The potential yield capacity is 5.3 t/ha. The gluten content is 34-36 %, the protein content is 14.5-16.5 %. Macaroni qualities are good. The sort has become the national standard of the National Plant Varieties Protection Service since 2010 for all the zones of Ukraine, which attests to its exceptional ecological plasticity

Agrotechnical requirements: Seeding rate is 4.5 mln of germinable seeds per hectare.  Prior to sowing seeds should be dressed with an insecticide and a fungicide.

Агротехнические требования. Норма высева 4,5 млн. всхожих зерен на гектар. Семена перед посевом необходимо протравливать фунгицидом и инсектицидом.

Author's certificate No 06179. Registration number  06424, 01.01.2006.  Patent No 0741.

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