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Originator - Plant Production Institute nd. a V.Ya. Yuryev of NAAS.

It has been entered in the Plant Variety Register of Ukraine since 2008. Recommended zones for growing are forest-steppe and woodlands of Ukraine

Varietal characters: Variety – hordeiforme. Ear is red, slightly coloured during ripening. It is cylindrical, compact, of medium length. Wax coating is weak. Fluff on edges of lower segments of ear shaft is abundant. Awns are red, located throughout the length of ear. They protrude over the ear top.  Caryopsis is amber, elongated. Medium phenol staining. Mass of 1,000 seeds is 42-44 g.  Elongated glume without outer fluff. Narrow elevated shoulder. Long slightly curved tooth.  Short ring-shaped protrusion, incomplete girth of culm. Upright bush. Strong filled culm.

Biological features: This sort is designed for growing by intensive technology. It is a mid-season variety.  Growing season – 106 days. Lodging resistant. Theheightofplantis 100 cm. Easily thrashed grain. Brown rust resistance, loose smut resistance, and powdery mildew resistance are on the standard level. Covered smut resistance and resistance to Septoria disease are higher than those in the standard.

Economic features: The potential yield capacity is 5.5 t/ha. The gluten content is 31-34 %, the protein content is 13.5-15.5 %. Macaroni qualities are good.

Agrotechnical requirements: Seeding rate is 4.5 mln of germinable seeds per hectare.  Prior to sowing seeds should be dressed with an insecticide and a fungicide. The sort tolerates significant doses of mineral fertilizers and requires planting after the best predecessors in soil with sufficient moistening.

Author's certificate No 0839. Registration number  08348, 01.01.2008.  Patent No 0857.

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