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The sort is a heavy yielder, characterized by large, well-filled grain with increased hardness.

Originator - Plant Production Institute nd. a V.Ya. Yuryev of NAAS

The year of registration in the Plant Variety Register for growing in Ukraine - 2007.
The sort is recommended for production of food, technical and forage grain in forest-steppe and the Northern steppe of Ukraine.
Biological and distinguishing features. The growing season lasts 90-100 days. The pant height is 110-118 cm. The ear is prismatic, white, aristate, without fluff on the glume. Variety erythrospermum.
On infection background the sort shows immunity to loose and covered smuts, powdery mildew, it is tolerant to brown leaf rust and moderately tolerant to Septoria leaf blotch.
Economic features. The sort has a high potential yield capacity. In the competitive variety trial the average yield capacity was 4.45 t/ha, which exceeds the national standard Aist Kharkovsky by 0.9 t/ha. Grain is large, well-filled with consistently high mass of 1,000 seeds (44-49 g) and seed weight (699 g/l). Protein content in grain is 14.4%. A specific characteristic of the sort is an increased content of gluten (27%), which exceeds the national standard Aist Kharkovsky by 5%. Gluten is primarily of grade I with the gluten deformation index of 68 units. Flour strength is 124 alveograph units. Bread volume is 430 mm3 from 100 g of flour. The total baking score is 4.2 points.

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