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The sort is notable for its enhanced lodging resistance.
Originator - Plant Production Institute nd. a V.Ya. Yuryev of NAAS
The year of registration in the Plant Variety Register for growing in Ukraine - 2009.
The sort is recommended for production of food, technical and forage grain in forest-steppe and woodland zones.
Biological and distinguishing features. It is a mid-season variety, the growing season lasts 92-102 days. The plant height is medium, 105-110 cm. Lodging resistant. The ear is pyramid-shaped, of medium length. Awns are semi-accumbent, medium rough. The glume keel is medium expressed. The stem is conspicuously furry below the ear. Caryopsis is large, oblong, light-brown. Variety erythrospermum.
The sort is immune to powdery mildew, loose and covered smuts, shows enhanced resistance to brown leaf rust, Septoria leaf blotch.
Economic features. The potential yield capacity is 6.5-7.0 t/ha. Under very dry conditions of 2007 and 2009 it provided the yield capacity on the level of 3.5 t/ha. Grain is well-filled, large. Mass of 1,000 seeds is 43-46 g. Protein content is 13.0-14.0%; gluten (grade I) content is 20-25%. The sort has good baling qualities. The total baking score is 8.5 points. Bread volume is 410-430 mm3 from 100 g of flour.

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