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The new sort has the high potential yield capacity of 7-8 t/ha, excellent baking and blending qualities.

Originator - Plant Production Institute nd. a V.Ya. Yuryev of NAAS

The year of registration in the Plant Variety Register for growing in Ukraine - 2013. Its State registration in the Russian Federation is under way.
Biological and distinguishing features. It is a middle-late variety, the growing season lasts 100-107 days. The plant height is 95-110 cm. Lodging resistance is high. The straw is strong. The ear is aristate, white, without fluff on the glume, prismatic. The ear length is 10-11 cm. Density is medium. Grain is red, well-filled. Variety erythrospermum. The sort is resistant to powdery mildew, brown rust, covered and loose smuts.
Economic features. In the competitive variety trial the average yield capacity was 4.7 t/ha, which exceeds the national standard Aist Kharkovsky by 0.7 t/ha. The potential yield capacity is 7-8 t/ha. The sort shows good baking and blending qualities. The total baking score is 8.3 points. Seed weight is up to 650 g/l. Protein content is 113.0-14.0%, starch content is 66%, gluten content (grade I, GDI=55-60 units) is 22.5%.
Environmentally-friendly growing and consistent yield capacity allow obtaining ecologically clean products under conditions of organic farming.
The sort is recommended for growing in all the natural-climatic zones of Ukraine for food, technical and forage grain.


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