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Malting. The year of registration in the Plant Variety Register for growing in Ukraine – 2006. Zones recommended for growing: forest-steppe and woodlands.

Originator – Plant Production Institute nd. a V.Ya. Yuryev of NAAS.

Varietal characters. Variety – submedicum. The plant is of medium height (68-79 cm). Anthocyanin staining of awn tips is weak. Awns are long, barbed only in the upper part. The ear is two-rowed, with a conspicuous wax coating, cylindrical, lax (11.2 spikelets per 4 cm), of medium length. Sterile. The spikelet is deviating. The floral glume is finely-rugose, with feebly marked venation, gradually transiting into awn. Grain is elliptical, yellow, aristulate. The main seta is longly-pilose. Mass of 1,000 seeds is 48-56 g.

Biological features. Maturity group– mid-ripening, growing season length - 78–92 days. Lodging resistant (8.6–8.9 points) and drought resistant (7.4–8.4 points). The sort has group resistance to the agents of loose and head smuts (9 points) and powdery mildew (7 points).

Economic features. The sort belongs to intensive types. The recommended seeding rate is 4.0–4.5 mln of germinable seeds per hectare. Agrotechniques are conventional for a growing zone, sowing terms are early.

Under on-the-farm conditions the yield capacity of the sort amounted to 5.84 t/ha (Volchanskaya SAES in Kharkovskaya region), 6.23 t/ha (LLC Sudzha-Agroinvest, Kurskaya region) and 6.32 t/ha (Farm Firm Dzhulinka, Vinnitskaya region). The potential yield capacity is 9.0–9.5 t/ha. Grain shows high malting properties: extract content – 81.0 %, protein content – 10.0-11.0 %, evenness – 98.2 %. The yield of certified seeds is 75-85 %.

Author’s certificate No 06174.

Patent No 0619.

 State registration number 02012008.


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