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Grain. The year of registration in the Plant Variety Register for growing in Ukraine – 2009. Zones recommended for growing: forest-steppe and woodlands.

Since 2012 the sort Vzirets has been the national standard in Ukraine.

Originator – Plant Production Institute nd. a V.Ya. Yuryev of NAAS.

Varietal characters. Variety – submedicum. The plant is low, 61 – 78 cm high. Anthocyanin staining of awn tips is pronounced. Awns are long, barbed only in the upper part. The ear is two-rowed, with a moderate wax coating , cylindrical, lax (11.5 spikelets per 4 cm), of medium length (7.6 cm). Sterile. The spikelet is parallel to the stem. The floral glume is finely-rugose, with feebly marked venation, gradually transiting into awn. Grain is elliptical, yellow, aristulate. The main seta is longly-pilose. Mass of 1,000 seeds is 48 – 52 g.

Biological features. Maturity group– mid-ripening, growing season length 87 – 94 days. Lodging resistant (8.2 – 9.0 points) and drought resistant (9.0 points). The sort has group resistance to the agents of loose and head smuts (9 points), powdery mildew (7 – 8 points).

Economic features. The sort belongs to intensive types. The recommended seeding rate is 4.0 – 4.5 mln of germinable seeds per hectare. Agrotechniques are conventional for a growing zone, sowing terms are early.

Under on-the-farm conditions the yield capacity of the sort amounted to 6.13 t/ha (Volchanskaya SAES in Kharkovskaya region) and 8.13 t/ha (Farm Firm Dzhulinka, Vinnitskaya region). Even under extremely dry conditions the Vzirets yield capacity at the Sumskoy Institute of Agro-Industry was 5.19 – 8.13 t/ha. The potential yield capacity is 9.5 – 10.5 t/ha. Protein content in grain - 12.0 – 15.0 %. The yield of certified seeds is 75 – 85 %.

Author’s certificate No 09008.

Patent No 09230.

State registration number 05012019. 


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