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The year of registration in the Plant Variety Register for growing in Ukraine – 2001.

Recommended growing zones – forest-steppe and steppe.

The sort was created by intraspecies hybridization between a sort and a mutant line [Kharkivske 57 and L 82-8361 (М11 Kharkivske 65) 0.02% DMS ].

Variety aureum.
Growing season – 100-105 days.
Mass of 1,000 seeds – 7.7 – 8.4 g.
Drought resistance – above the average.
Medium lodging resistance.
Medium smut resistance.

The sort is notable for excellent quality of groat. Husk con-tent – 16.4-17.4 %; groat yield – 80 - 82 %; protein content – 11.2 – 12.6 %. Millet is bright-yellow. Porridge is fluffy, its taste makes 4.8-5.0 points. The sort is distinguished by a high carati-noid content (4.5-5.8 mg/kg), which is valuable in reference to food and curative qualities.

The sort is characterized by a high potential yield capacity (6.0-6.5 t/ha). The yield capacity exceeded the standard by 0.22-0.85 t/ha and 0.18-0.56 t/ha in forest-steppe and woodlands, respectively, for the years of the State variety trial.
Author's certificate No 1393.


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