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The year of registration in the Plant Variety Register for growing in Ukraine – 2009.

Recommended growing zone – woodlands.

The sort was created by intraspecies hybridization involving the sorts Maslovske 3 and Myronivske 51 followed by repeated indi-vidual selection.

Variety aureum.
Growing season - 90 – 98 days.
The panicle is of medium density, drooping.
Mass of 1,000 seeds –7,8–8,2 g.
The sort is notable for high resistance to smut races 2, 3, and 4.
Lodging resistant and shedding resistant.
The sort is distinguished by high technological parameters of grain quality: groat yield – 83%, husk content -16.5%, porridge quality – 4.2 points, melanose affection – 2.7%, groat is bright-yellow.

The average yield capacity for 3 years of the State variety trial (2006 – 2008) was 3.38 t/ha, the guaranteed yield gain was 0.31 t/ha.

This sort is a heavy yielder. The highest yield capacity in variety test plots of Ukraine amounted to 4.98 – 5.31 t/ha.
Author's certificate No 09028, patent No 09240.



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