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The year of registration in the Plant Variety Register for growing in Ukraine – 2011.

Recommended growing zones – steppe, forest-steppe, woodlands.
The sort was created by chemical 0.0125% N-nitrosoethylurea-induced mutagenesis from the sort Blagodatnoye.

Variety aureum.
Growing season - 98 - 109 days.
Mass of 1,000 seeds – 8.0 g.
The sort is lodging resistant and shedding resistant.
Melanose affection varies from 1% to 4 %.
Resistant to the most widely-spread in Ukraine smut races.

The sort is distinguished by high technological parameters of grain quality: groat yield – 82.9%, husk content -16.2%, porridge quality – 4.8 points, groat is bright-yellow.

The sort is notable for its high yield capacity. The guaranteed yield gain in variety test plots of Ukraine was 0.18-0.6 t/ha.
The maximum yield capacity in 2008 according to the data of Khmelnitsky State Center of Plant Variety Expertise amounted to 6.4 t/ha; in 2009 at Prilutskaya and Mankovskaya State Selection Stations it was 5.65-5.7 t/ha; in 2010 at Gorodenkovskaya State Selection Station and Vinnitsky State Center of Plant Variety Ex-pertise it was 3.88 – 3.94 t/ha,

Author's certificate No 10959, patent No 110100.


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