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Originator Plant Production Institute nd. a V.Ya. Yuryev of NAAS.

Hybrid type - three-way cross.

Entered in the Plant Variety Register of Ukraine in 2010. Zones recommended for growing: forest-steppe.

Approbation characteristics. Variety - tooth-like (ssp. indentata). The plant height is 230-250 cm. The height of earcorn attachment is 98-100 cm. The number of leaves is 18. The earcorn length is 22-24 cm. The number of seed rows per ear is 16-18. The grain yield is 84-85%. The ear shank is red or white. Mass of 1,000 seeds is 280-290 g.

Biological features. Ripeness group: mid-ripening, FAO – 310. The duration of «seedling-ripening» period is 114-115 days. The initial growth is fast. Cold tolerance is high. Drought resistance is high. Lodging resistance is high. Resistance to ear necking is high. Resistance to loose smut is high. Resistance to boil smut is high. Resistance to stem rots is high. Resistance to corn borer is high.

Economic features. The potential grain yield capacity is 11.0-11.5 t/ha. The recommended density by the harvest term is 60,000-63,000 plants per hectare. The harvest moisture is 27-28%. The potential green mass yield capacity is 40.0-51.0 t/ha. Solids content in green mass is 30-32%. Protein content in grain is 10.0%. Starch content is 74.2%.

Hybrid seed breeding based on sterility of M-type by full recovery pattern, without cutting off panicles. Female sterility is 99-100%. The optimal planting system of parent lines in hybridization areas is 12:4 and 6:2. Seed-breeding plots require high agricultural technology, struggle with weeds and optimal feeding conditions. The seed yield capacity under favourable conditions is 2.0-2.5 t/ha.


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