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Simple interline hybrid.

Originator - Plant Production Institute nd. a V.Ya. Yuryev of NAAS.

It has been entered in the Plant Variety Register of Ukraine for growing in steppe and forest-steppe zones of Ukraine since 2010, in the Register of Breeding Achievements of the Russian Federation since 2011 in the 5th region.

Approbation characteristics: plant height - 160 cm; slightly convex calathid up to 20 cm in diameter; huskness - 22%; incrustation – 99.7%; mass of 1,000 seeds - up to 65 g; oil content in seeds – up to 51%.

Biological features: ripeness group – early maturing, growing season – 101 days. Lodging resistance- high. Shedding resistance - high. Downy mildew resistance - high. Broomrape resistance - high.

Economic features: The hybrid crop potential – 4.1 t/ha.

Peculiarities of cultivation technology: recommended density – 50,000 plants per hectare. Preparation of soil and seeds is conventional.

Peculiarities of seed industry: in the hybridization areas the parent lines are sown simultaneously. If possible, sowing is performed at an early stage according to the patterns 12: 4, 6: 2 with the optimal density of 50,000 plants per hectare. Harvesting must be performed when the seed moisture content is 10-12%. In the hybridization areas the yield capacity of the female parent line is about 2.2 t/ha. The yield of certified seeds is 70%.


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