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Simple interline hybrid.

Originator - Plant Production Institute nd. a V.Ya. Yuryev of NAAS.

It has been entered in the Plant Variety Register of Ukraine for growing in steppe and forest-steppe zones of Ukraine since 2011.
Approbation characteristics: plant height - 160 cm; slightly convex calathid up to 20 cm in diameter; huskness - 21%; incrustation – 99.6%; mass of 1,000 seeds - up to 57 g; oil content in seeds – up to 50.0%.

Biological features: ripeness group – early-maturing, growing season – 100 days. Lodging resistance- high. Shedding resistance - high. Downy mildew resistance - high. Broomrape resistance - high. Sufficiently root rot resistant. Drought-resistant.

Economic features: the hybrid crop potential – 4.2 t/ha, the female parent plant crop potential – up to 1.3 t/ha.

Peculiarities of cultivation technology: recommended density – 55,000 plants per hectare. Preparation of soil and seeds is conventional. N16 P16 K16 should be applied in rows in the process of sowing. Harvesting is performed without desiccation.

Peculiarities of seed industry: in the hybridization areas the parent lines are grown according to the patterns 12:4, 10:2, 6:2. The parent lines are sown simultaneously. “Leaf” treatment of seeds and crops with Nanomix is advisable. Harvesting is performed without desiccation when the seed moisture content is 10-12%. Immediate primary additional peeling and additional drying until the moisture content is 7% are necessary. The yield of certified seeds is up to 65%.


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